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Brand Story

Cosco (India) Limited was founded by a visionary, Mr. Kharaiti Lal Jain. His dedication, immense hard work and humility has brought us where we are today. Born in 1902 in Punjab, Undivided India, he came to India post the partition in 1947 with nothing but hope, dreams and determination to create a better life for his family.

Mr. K.L. Jain began his journey by opening a general merchandise shop in Sadar bazaar, Delhi. Thereafter, he along with his sons, set up a factory in Shahdara, Delhi where we engaged in the production of Rubber Goods. After gaining extensive knowledge of Rubber, we took a leap and set up a factory in Gurgaon where we started to develop and innovate sporting goods and soon established ‘Coronation Sporting Company’. Later in 1980, in order to form our Brand Name and Company, they abbreviated the ‘CO’ from Coronation, ‘S’ from Sporting and ‘Co’ from Company to create ‘COSCO’ and the rest is history.

We are the first company in India to manufacture Basketballs. While expanding our product line it was astounding to see all the Footballs were being made with Natural Leather only. Thus, we decided to and developed the first Synthetic Football in India. Later in the year 2007, we started manufacturing International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) Approved Quality Footballs which is the Highest Quality Certification Mark for Footballs worldwide. Another big milestone was to produce Tennis Balls approved by the International Tennis ball Federation (ITF) which also paved the way for the Cricket-Tennis Ball for which Cosco is synonymous all over India. In 1994, the company went public and got listed in the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). After which we began adding new product lines and expanded the sports and fitness equipment range.

We made our humble way into the sports industry with inflatable balls to now being one of the leading premium sports, fitness and lifestyle brand in India selling over 1000 SKU’s and growing. Today, we proudly say, we have a state of the art production facility in Gurugram, spread across 3,00,000 sqft with a motivated and efficient team of over 650+ personnel covering Production, Sales, Management and Service. We have qualified Technologists and Engineers to manage production and spearhead R&D. Apart from our brand ‘Cosco’, we also represent many International Sports and Fitness brands in India which we distribute through our strong network of over 800+ dealers pan India fed by our branch offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Jalandhar and Gurugram.

Cosco (India) Limited has established a strong legacy over 4 decades with innumerable achievements, strong associations, International Approvals and National & State level affiliations. We further aim to strengthen our commitment of giving back to the community and take pride in being socially inclined with focused and effective CSR projects.


Get the best of sports and fitness with Cosco
With the growing demand of good health and fitness, many brands are coming up with innovations each day. You will hardly find someone who over eats and doesn’t want to balance that extra fat and cholesterol with some hard core fitness practice or may be trying hands on their favorite sport. Well both ideas are exceptional in keeping you in the best shape no matter how old you are. Ensuring that you are always young and fit, many sports brand have taken to manufacturing not just sports equipment but fitness equipment too. If you are looking for the best fitness equipment in India, then what tops the list other than Cosco?

Cosco’s span of control

There are two types of people. One stay fit by playing sports and the other type plays sports to stay fit. If you fall under any of these categories, then it is time you try some of the best sports and fitness equipment. You ought to look for quality.

Sports have been growing in the veins of Indians with the need to either be a professional in it or to stay mentally as well physically fit. It is said that sports is the only way out that doesn’t let you feel you are working out and shreds the laziness out of you. Eventually, you will look fit and feel fit. What better way than sports? There is not a sport that has not been giving importance by Cosco. You name any equipment and it is there. You can’t bet on the quality that is promised in the manufacturing of volleyball equipment or roller skating equipment. You will get equipment pertaining to other sports too. Their cycle for exercise is compact and doesn’t occupy greater space of your house. If you are hunting for excellent exercise equipment, India has become a hub.

What more?

Let us not forget, if you try to order Cosco gym cycle from a country you have high regards for, you might dent your pocket. On the contrary, Cosco cycle price in India is quite suitable for any buyer. In earlier days, people used to get imported equipment. However the trend has certainly changed with the inception of Cosco. Now all the fitness freaks and sports enthusiasts willing to buy Exercise equipment, India is definitely the best option. Cosco home gym price, Cosco manual treadmill price and the price of many such needs has been met by Cosco for long. Cosco is the undisputed topper in the section of sports and fitness and not to forget one of the best Football equipment suppliers. Have a look into the individual section to know more about Cosco, the home brand to India.

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